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Camille Aubray

When I began writing THE GODMOTHERS, I’d already decided to set my novel in the 1930s through the 1950s in New York City. And somewhere in my research I stumbled across a quote from Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, who said: “Whenever the Godfather opened his mouth, in my own mind I heard the voice of my mother. I heard her wisdom, her ruthlessness, and her unconquerable love for her family and for life itself, qualities not valued in women at the time. The Don’s courage and loyalty came from her; his humanity came from her . . . without [her] I could not have written The Godfather.” I knew exactly what he meant about how a woman’s intelligence and courage were “qualities not valued at the time”. When I write historical fiction, I’m not really interested in taking the point of view of the famous figures of history. Instead I like to imagine what it was like for “regular” folks who just happened to bump into the movers-and-shakers of their time —from the famous to the infamous! (From the Author. Visit her Website)

July - Cynde's Pick
(Director of Library and Information Services)



“A family saga set in Greenwich Village around World War II follows a group of deeply complex and beautifully written women who marry into a well-to-do Italian family, each of whom are godmothers to each other's children. Aubray marries history, suspense and womanhood in a story perfect for devouring.”


"Historical fiction at its best, bringing along thrilling scenes, passionate love affairs, and a bounty of secrets."


“Aubray delivers an addictive and tense multigenerational feminist romp through WWII era New York City . . . The enormous cast and multiple complicated subplots are smoothly handled, with the tensions between the godmothers easily propelling the narrative. This credibly flips the script on male-dominated Mafia stories.”

-Publishers Weekly

“Thrilling! Readers will enjoy immersing themselves in family drama and watching women’s friendships grow.”

-Library Journal

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