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In the Spotlight: November

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Matti Friedman

Matti Friedman, a journalist, is the author of three previous works of nonfiction.

Matti’s work as a reporter has taken him from Israel to Lebanon, Morocco, Moscow, the Caucasus, and Washington, DC. A former Associated Press correspondent and essayist for the New York Times opinion section, he currently writes a monthly feature for Tablet Magazine. His writing has appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, the Atlantic, and elsewhere. 

He was born in Toronto and lives in Jerusalem with his family. (From Author's Website)

November - Peter's Pick

(Circulation Assistant)



“Who by Fire is a stunning resurrection of a moment in the life of Leonard Cohen and the history of Israel. It’s the story of a young artist in crisis and a young country at war, and the powerful resonance of the chord struck between them. A beautiful, haunting book.”

— Nicole Krauss

“A fascinating and intense account of Leonard Cohen’s time in Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. A must for any Leonard Cohen completist, with excerpts from his unpublished manuscripts from that time. Soulful and thoughtfully done.”

— Suzanne Vega

“A short, symphonic book of remarkable stories of yearning, love, and war, whose leitmotif is a haunted artist bearing secret chords that enchant the world.”

— Rabbi David Wolpe

“Journalist Friedman illuminates in this fascinating tale an extraordinary chapter in the career of singer and songwriter Leonard Cohen that left a lasting impact on the state of Israel . . . This demonstration of the power of song will stun fans of the legendary artist."

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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